Here’s Why Amala Akkineni Will Compel You To Watch ZEE5 Original Series High Priestess

If you’re looking to see a splendid performance, then you must watch Amala Akkineni in High Priestess. All details inside!


April 6, 2020

Original Series

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If you’re looking to catch a new series with some commendable performances this lockdown, then High Priestess is what you should go for! This ZEE5 original ventures into the world of tarot reading and psychic abilities which is not understood too well in today’s world. Directed by Pushpa Ignatius, whose short film Pournami was also screened at Cannes, this series presents popular Kannada actress Amala Akkineni in the lead role. She plays the bold Swathi Reddy, who is a psychic.

In terms of character, Swathi is one who isn’t afraid of spirits and empathises with them instead. She is gifted with the ability to converse with ghosts and the dead through her tarot card reading skills, which she uses to solve problems of her clients. Amala, who needless to say is an elegant and neat actor, gets into the skin of Swathi to become a personality with an eerie aura. She is asked to narrate dialogues that almost seem monotonous but go with her character nevertheless. Swathi also speaks haltingly as if she’s taking time to maneuver her way into her client’s mind in order to make meaning out of everything that she gathers.

A still of Amala Akkineni from the show
A still of Amala Akkineni from the show

In an interview, the actress mentioned how she prepared for her character where she said that the director, Pushpa, wanted someone whose real personality was similar to that of Swathi’s, which is when Amala was approached. She also said that she did not have much to prepare and just had to be herself most of the time. Amala also spoke about how her character had a lot to say while she also had the opportunity to organically grow with the role.

If you’re looking for something interesting and rare to watch, then High Priestess is just what you must binge on. If anything, Amala’s approach to her character Swathi is enthralling and be sure of her ways to lure you into watching the show!

Catch all episodes of High Priestess exclusively on ZEE5!

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