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Here’s What Will Happen If Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari’s Madhu Comes In To Solve The Dark 7 White’s Murder

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January 12, 2021

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We wondered what would happen if Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari’s Madhu Mangal Rane took on the ZEE5 series Dark 7 White’s investigation. Have what we think.

Dark 7 White is a ZEE5 Original that kept all of us at the edge of our seats. This ZEE5 Original is a political drama that focuses on how the greed for power takes over familial bonds and friendships. The show is no less than a thriller that revolves around the murder of CM Yudhveer Singh right before his oath-taking ceremony. Yudi’s role is played by none other than ZEE5 favourite Sumeet Vyas. Now, a whole series based on a murder is bound to have investigations and this is where our senses tingled. What if a more complex, rather passionate investigator landed in the story?

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Let’s take Madhu Mangal Rane for instance. Manoj Bajpayee essayed the role of a cunning detective named Madhu Mangal Rane in Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari and we loved it. From walking as a disguise to starting quick conversations while hiding mics, he had his way and it proved lethal every single time. Let’s consider him in the Dark 7 White world and see what difference does it make.

ACP Abhimanyu
ACP Abhimanyu making an entry (Source: ZEE5)

The only person who can solve Yudi’s murder mystery is ACP Abhimanyu and we all know how that turns out. But if Madhu Mangal Rane is to solve the case, he will first need to lose Abhimanyu as having a competition. However, having Abhimanyu around will surely be fun as we will witness heated egoistic exchanges between the two like-minded characters

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Once Abhimanyu is off is when the real deal begins. Unlike Abhimanyu, who has come straight go straight and blast everything on the way attitude, Madhu will have a more subtle way to deal with things but with his own twists. Since Madhu didn’t share a past with the young bunch, he’ll have a subtle questioning session. But we know how much Madhu likes his way of investigation and we are sure to keep admiring it.

Madhu mangal rane
Madhu Mangal Rane in his investigation (Source : ZEE5)

For instance, Abhimanyu scares the young leaders a lot with his anger and strong language. Madhu is sure to have a more success rate as he can dress up as their neighbourhood aunty to have a casual conversation or even work with one of them as a chauffer to collect the needed information. Madhu’s talent to disguise and manly his sweet voice is sure to get a thing or two done.

Madhu mangal rane
Madhu Mangal Rane, the master cosplayer (Source: ZEE5)

Deal with the press? No problem. Madhu is a master manipulator and we are sure that he can deal with any kind of pressure. After all, he never breaks character. His whole investigation will be a show he puts up and collecting sound bites and photo proofs will be his mastery in it. Well, the investigation is indeed a tough one as it’s a CM who died, but it is no matter for Madhu Mangal Rane as his level of investigation simply demands the best. After all, marriage investigations are surely tougher than a police job.

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