Here’s What Indian WhatsApp Users Have To Say About Its New Privacy Terms And Conditions

Whatsapp’s new policies have become worrisome for its users and experts suggest against accepting them.

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

January 12, 2021

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WhatsApp recently updated its privacy rules and regulations and users have distinct opinions on the matter. The mobile messaging app, Whatsapp, was bought by the American technology conglomerate, Facebook, a few years ago. It has gone through various updates and changes in its terms and conditions ever since. They have also made several headlines due to some outrageous privacy conditions in the past.

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While some users reacted pretty casually to the new and updated rules, others were in complete disagreement of the same. Some openly admitted that they trust the government enough and will go for it if they think it is right. On the other hand, some of them said that they will need to look for an alternative to WhatsApp. Another person said it is absolutely not acceptable for them to have to share their extremely personal information with the app. However, most people have had the opinion that this invasion of privacy cannot be accepted.

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The newest WhatsApp update is being believed to be highly dangerous for its users. While it is being feared that it will possess the ability to increase OTP-based frauds, some experts have strictly suggested not to use the WhatsApp mode of payment. Some are also suggesting that users should keep their Contacts List protected from the app and not allow WhatsApp to access one’s gallery.

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According to the app’s new policies, it will be able to track its users 24×7 if a user agrees to them. This would mean that the app would know everything you do on your phone, every location you go to with it, and everything you speak about when using the app’s calling feature as well. An expert explained how the user acceptance of these new policies will allow the app to provide every bit of private information to even law enforcement officials. These new policies have been worrying the app’s users a lot. Even receipts and transactional data of any and every payment would be accessible to them.

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