Here’s Proof That Gattimela’s Amulya Manjunath Is The Ultimate ‘Expression-Queen’

Parinika Uchil

August 17, 2019

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When She Smiles The World Lights Up

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The most adaptable character on the Zee Kannada roster I would say is namma Amulya Manjunath from Gattimela. Only because there is nothing in acting that she can’t do. Any emotion or dialogue comes out as smooth as butter when she enacts it. Nisha Ravikrishnan, who goes by the onscreen name of Amulya is actually a quiet person in real life. In a recent exclusive interview with Nisha, we learnt so much about her real life personality, which makes it that much easier to point out how cool she is, personally and professionally.

Today, however, we will be looking at her onscreen character Amulya Manjunath and how well she can express the six basic emotions.

Happy is a good look on Ammu’s face isn’t it? Her petite face and simple smile can brighten up anyone’s day. Anyone at all.

When Ammu Is Sad Everything Feels Glum

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Like seriously! Look at that adorable face with so much stress, nothing feels worth it anymore. As fans, all we can hope and pray is that whatever she is sad about is fixed and we see the smiling Ammu again. Isn’t it?

When Vedanth Comes In Front Of Amulya, Disgust Is What You See

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Like different ends of a magnet that repel each other, Amulya and Vedanth despise one another. So much so that they can’t even bear the other’s touch. Clearly, Amulya’s face explains everything!

Surprise Is Still A Good Look For The Gattimela Actress

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Any smiley face expression be it happiness, surprise or even excited, it’s right up Amulya’s alley. And such faces come to her only when she is thrilled that Vedanth has done something she asked (for a change) or because she gave Vedanth a snarky reply back.

You Mess With The Rowdy Baby And There No Stopping You From Her Wrath

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All her sisters, her parents, Vicky and to an extent Vedanth, everyone is scared of the ‘Rowdy Baby’ side of Amulya. Aren’t you thanking God that you aren’t one of these people? While her angry face sure looks scary but let’s face it this actress has a knack for looking cute while being angry too.

Fear Is Not A Good Look On Ammu, But She Masters It Like A Queen Too

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This is probably the least liked face because someone as pretty as Ammu shouldn’t have to be scared at all. Remember the episode where goons blocked Amulya’s path? Her scared face says it all. Luckily for us fans, the hero of her life (you know whom I am talking about) came to save her and take her back home safely.

All in all, if there is anyone who can be called an ‘Expression Queen’ of Zee Kannada is it without a doubt Amulya Manjunath from Gattimela.

Which expression of hers is your favourite? Let us know the space provided below.

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