Here’s How Bhoomi Shetty Is Breaking Myths Around Skin Colour Stereotypes

Sneha Bale

April 25, 2019


1 min

Don’t Step Out Without Make-up


It is unjust to call Bhoomi Shetty just another face on Zee Telugu’s show Ninne Pelladatha. Her Instagram is a reflection of her true personality. She also takes us on a special journey with her hashtag — ‘#ALittleBrownGirl’. She is out there and reachable to her followers. When Bhoomi isn’t shooting for her show Ninne Pelladatha, she is busy defying the social standards of beauty and encouraging body positivity.

Make-up or no make-up, beauty cannot be measured by the number of cosmetic products used. This de-glam look makes her as real as possible yet sets her apart from the crowd.

Do Not Experiment


Physical appearances have been defined for women since the beginning of time. But not anymore. We take charge of what makes us, us. As Bhoomi says, “no time for bad vibes”.

A Girl Should Always Behave


Act like a lady. Sit like a girl. Talk like a woman. No! Be yourself. Serious, sarcastic, goofy or crazy… You do you.

Fair Is Beautiful?


Bhoomi proudly calls herself a mixture of “brown sugar, honey, cocoa and gold…”. All we have to say is, more power to you, girl!

Staying Away From Bright Make-up


Bhoomi is here to show you how to pick shades that you love even if they might not follow make-up norms, and take charge of what makes you feel beautiful inside out.

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