Here’Re Five Facts About The Director of Get Out And Us, Jordan Peele

The director of Get Out and Us, Jordan Peele, celebrates his birthday today. We are pretty sure horror nerds would celebrate the day by watching his movies and comedy fans would definitely check out his earlier works. So we decided to instead tell you a few facts about the man that are simply mind-blowing.

February 21, 2021


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Jordan Peele has really revolutionised the done and dusted horror genre with Get Out. The 2017 debut directorial of Peele even fetched him the Academy Award for Best Screenplay. What are the typical horror movie tropes? A possessed teenager girl or a revenge-seeking ghost, a bit of comedy, some bone-breaking tense moments, a haunted location, jerky moments, chilly background music and others. But have you ever imagined talking about racism through these cliches? The way Peele included slavery in this horror-charged film is incredible. No wonder that today he is one of the most revered directors of the world. Keke Palmer to Star in Jordan Peele’s Next; Get Out Actor Daniel Kaluuya to Reunite With the Oscar-Winning Filmmaker

Jordan Peele Birthday Special: Five Facts About The Get Out Director That Will Blow Your Mind

Apart from being an excellent filmmaker, screenwriter and many other achievements, Peele is also a man with certain beliefs, resolves and principles. On his birthday today, let us tell you some of the unknown facts about this man.

Poop leads to no acting

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It’s perhaps a very well-known trivia about Peele that he quit acting because he was offered the role of Poop in The Emoji Movie. In an interview, Peele said, “The Emoji Movie actually helped me quit acting. I was offered the role of Poop.” He called the offer ‘Fucked Up’ and decided to sleep over it. By then the role moved on to Patrick Stewart.

Puppetry genius

For an Indian, to even read that someone majored in Puppetry is like being in a supernatural movie because such a thing will be branded ‘unnatural’ by our parents. However, Peele was quite popular among the ladies for the subject he majored in.

Black leads only

Peele irked a few of his fans when he declared his movies will always have black leads. Peele’s reasoning was that although he likes white people, he ‘has already seen that film.’

The first for many to come

Jordan Peele is the first African-American to win an Oscar for Best Orginal Screenplay with Get Out.

Quizzing Clinton

Peele, then 14, was one of the interviewers of the US President of that time Bill Clinton. On ABC’s President Clinton Answering Children’s Questions, Peela asked what to do about a father who is not willing to or can’t pay child support. The question stemmed out from his own situation of being with a single mother. Clinton apparently was quite stunned at the question and suggested stricter penalties on people who fail to provide child support.

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