Here Are Some Of The Funniest Clips From Across The Country On HiPi

From 30 second clips to Bollywood memes, these are the 5 funniest clips you will find on HiPi On ZEE5.

Kenneth Carneiro

August 29, 2020


3 min


HiPi is the latest video maker app in the market. This app on ZEE5 is made in India for content creators from India. This app is bringing out the hidden talents in people from households all across the country. You can also watch some of your favourite TV stars like Shraddha Arya and Shubangi Atre showing their quirky side in short videos. At this time everyone could use a laugh, so here are some of the funniest clips from HiPi.

This short clip is a silly comedic take on recipes that we are all reading or watching now. If you had to keep food in the fridge for one hour to prepare it, you will definitely have thought about this joke too.

With Bollywood memes and South Bombay jokes, this short meme has the perfect ingredients for a joke. This clip from Devdas with SRK ranting about life in London is something you can imagine every South Bombay kid saying.

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Have you started exercising at home yet? In your early days, not every exercise goes as smoothly as it looks in videos. Eugenie Ustinova, a #ForeignerinTollywood, shows her headstand fails.

Ever tried to fit a whole biscuit in your mouth but it just wouldn’t fit? Well, this filter is for you. You too can try on this fun filter and make a video on HiPi by slightly morphing your face.

This is another silly joke and follows the classic boy meets girl conversation with a surprise ending. You can definitely use the punchline in your regular life too.

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Think you can make better comedy clips? Download or update your ZEE5 app. Login on HiPi to create your own unique content and open the doors to fame.

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