Here Are A Few Guessing Games That You Can Play At Home Inspired By Genes

Thinking of what games to play during your time at home? Here are some fun ones that you can try out!


March 27, 2020

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Are you thinking of ways to entertain yourself while you’re at home? Well, then no worries! We have for you a bunch of games that you can play with your family which, just like your favourite show Genes, involves a lot of guess-work and a lot of excitement.

Take a look.

Dumb Charades

Divide the members of the family into two teams with each person writing a movie’s name or any theme of your choice on a piece of paper. Collect and separate the slips of paper so that each team can guess the other’s phrases or words. Also, one person from each team acts out the clue strictly without speaking. The team members have to figure out the word in three minutes or less. Each correct answer is worth one point.

Karaoke Time

Divide yourselves into teams and select a person to choose a word. The teams have as long as one minute to think of as many songs as they can that contain the word in a lyric. Then, each team takes turns in singing a song that includes the word.

Celebrity Round

Ask each family member to write a celebrity’s name on a piece of paper preferably a post-it. Without peeking, have every person stick their note on a friend’s forehead or hold it in front of your forehead. Each person, then, has to figure out who their celebrity is by asking other guests a series of questions.

The celebrity guessing game
A still from Genes during the celebrity round

The Sherlock Holmes Game

One person is designated as the detective and must leave the room. In the meantime, the host picks family members to be the trapper who must covertly wink at other players. When they are winked at, each player must perform a funny dramatic motion and sit down. The detective has two guesses to figure out who the trapper is.

Phrase It

Begin brainstorming funny or weird phrases before the game is started. Then place them under each person’s plate. When everyone sits down, all players must read the note to themselves and memorise it. As lunch or dinner progresses, each player has to naturally slip their phrase into the conversation, without the others noticing. This is also a nice way to spend time with your family!

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