Here Are 5 Ways You Can Accessorise Your Outfit This Valentine’s Day

Accessorise your clothes better with some of the most stylish jewelry, inspired by your favourite serial actresses. List inside!


February 13, 2020

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Are you excited for Valentine’s Day and have your outfit ready? If you do, then now is the time to complete your look with some accessories, which will sort you out for this special day of love. Let some of your favourite actresses from your treasured serials help you complete your look!

Ear It Out!

We can all agree that earrings bring out the beauty of a woman. If you’ve decided what to wear and how you would sport your hair with your outfit, then all you need now are a pair of earrings. A medium-sized pair of earrings can make you look a little more dressed up than you already are. A pair of earrings like the ones Amulya from Gattimela is wearing here, can add on to your look and complete your outfit for the special day.

Source: ZEE5
Amulya From Gattimela

Handy Stuff

Don’t let your hands not have anything to show off. To add on to your dressy look, add on a matching bracelet which can either have stones to bring out some glitter or even a plain one, to make your hands look a little busy. If your outfit is simple, then a chunky bracelet or even a set of bracelets can balance out your look, just the way Mokshitha Pai has done it here!

Parvathi From Paaru
Parvathi From Paaru

Set It Up

If you’re confused about matching your necklace with your bracelet and earrings, then here’s a simple solution. Like Anu from Jothe Jotheyali, pair your outfit with a matching set so that you don’t have to pick out each accessory separately. Make sure the set is of a neutral colour so that it can go with any of your outfits. Doesn’t she look beautiful in this picture?

Anu From Jothe Jotheyali
Anu From Jothe Jotheyali

Pin It Up

Do you have a nose piercing? It’s completely okay if you don’t and you like them anyway. A nose pin, like the one Adya from Gattimela is wearing, can really enhance your look! The best part about this nose pin is that not only does it go with traditional outfits but also gives an indo-western look, to even a western attire.

Adya From Gattimela
Adya From Gattimela

‘Watch’ Out

Well, needless to say, a watch completes the look and how. No matter what the outfit is, a watch is quintessential and irreplaceable in terms of a must-need accessory and we think Pallavi Gowda agrees.

Pallavi Gowda
Pallavi Gowda

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