Here Are 5 Reasons Why Vir – The Robot Boy Is The Best Role Model For Your Little Heroes

Sneha Bale

April 10, 2020


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The best of both worlds

Ensuring kids learn the right things is one wish that every parent dreams of. In our times, and with the ease of availability, children are exposed to content of all types. This puts them at a higher risk of learning the wrong things and also puts parents under immense pressure. With ZEE5 kids, there is at least one problem that’s off the charts for you. But did you know? These shows and series can also be great teachers for your little ones.

Watch Vir – The Robot Boy here:

Vir – The Robot Boy is a story of a robot, who has human emotions. Vir has superhuman abilities with which he makes life easier for everyone. But despite his abilities, he teaches us that every problem can be solved with determination and persistence. And that, every human can be superhuman.

Happiness is the key

Since Vir is just another child on the block, he does what we want all the kids to do. He stays happy and positive all day long. And in the times when a sad incident brings their morale down, Vir makes it a point to cheer up everyone and keeps them happy too.

Always super-alert

Vir functions in a way that keeps him highly alert at all times. He makes sure that he is aware of every small thing happening to the people around him. And with that alertness, he rushes into helping and saving their lives.

Family comes first

Vir has three friends and a grandfather, who is also his creator. He looks after them as if they are his own family. Although he teases, annoys and fights with them, he cannot stand others trying to hurt his family.

Finds a solution instead of focusing on the problem

Because Vir is always aware of the things happening around him, he focuses on solving the problem instead of dwelling on it. Now that’s an important trait that not only kids, but everyone should imbibe from Vir.

Let us know what other qualities you would like your little munchkins to learn from Vir in the comments section below. Watch all the episodes of this show here.

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