Help Your Child Score Better With Eduauraa’s Free Physics Mock Test

Get some tips to make your child score better with Eduauraa’s free Physics mock test. Here’s how you can unlock more e-learning tips & material.

Krupa Trivedi

October 22, 2020



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Eduauraa is a premium digital learning platform on ZEE5 that provides affordable education to people. With a variety full of interactive learning videos, thousands of e-books, mind maps and practice papers, the learning app aims to make quality education accessible to kids. One can find their content in both Hindi and English. Here’s how you can help your child score better with Eduauraa’s free Physics mock test. Take a look:


With each passing year, competitive exams are becoming tougher.  The students are expected to be prepared for any challenge that comes their way, and this is where the practice tests, famously known as mock tests come in. This type of test provides a clear demonstration of the actual exam that makes the candidates get trained with all the aspects of the exam.

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A few months back, ZEE5 announced an exclusive partnership with Eduauraa. After entertaining millions of people with an array of bespoke and exclusive content, ZEE5 took a big step for the kids’ education.


Moreover, with the COVID-19 pandemic, online classes have become the norm. While this can get a bit boring, the streaming platform Eduauraa can bring some colour to our lives. With their high-quality education content divided into various options like videos, books and tests, children can look forward to learning new things easily. Their attractive and fun-loving videos also consist of interesting graphics and sounds that make spending time on the platform worth every minute.

Moreover, Eduauraa that aims for transforming the Indian education landscape also aims to deliver quality education to every kid. Their videos are made available both in Hindi and English, for students from class sixth to class 10th.

So, grab the opportunity now and start gathering knowledge on your required subjects only on ZEE5.

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