Heer Ranjha: What Will Kaido Do Next? The Answer May Shock You!

Heer and Ranjha fool Kaido by having his bride Nimmo marry Babban instead. What will Kaido do as revenge? Read on to know more.


July 14, 2020


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The Zee Punjabi show Heer Ranjha ke life ka sabse bada villain hai Kaido (Rahul Jaittly). Heer (Sara Gurpal) and Ranjha (Amaninder Pal Singh) plan to prevent Kaido’s wedding with Heer’s best friend, Nimmo (Jasleen Randhawa). Nimmo marries Ranjha’s bestie Babban (Ragav Gautam) instead, which leaves Kaido furious. Kaido se panga lena kitna bhari padh sakta hai…let’s find out.

Watch how Babban, Heer, and Ranjha fool Kaido here:

What Makes Kaido Furious

A still from the show (Source: ZEE5)

Kaido is obsessed with getting married. He traps Heer’s best friend Nimmo for his lustful intentions. Kaido molests Nimmo, and plots against Nimmo along with Banto (Dr Ambar Bedi) and Chinndo. The trio plays such a game that they convince both families to wed Kaido to a girl half his age. Heer shows her discontent with this marriage and tries to expose Kaido, but she fails. This makes Kaido more confident. Ranjha and his best friend Babban trick Kaido, and on the day of the wedding, Babban disguises as Kaido and gets married to Nimmo. Shahji Chuchak Chaudary finds out that Babban is from Takht Hazara and that he’s been exiled. Now Chuchak says that he will decide their fate in the Panchayat, but Kaido makes some evil plans first.

Kaido’s Retaliation

A still from the show (Source: ZEE5)

When the new episodes air, we can expect a lot of bloodshed and killing. Kaido is breathing fire and the only thing he wants now is revenge. Kaido has the assistance of Banto and Chinndo. He tells Chinndo to kidnap Nimmo’s family. Kaido says that he will make them disappear…which means they will be killed. Then he plans to kill Babban and his friend Ranjha. Finally, he will take his revenge upon his niece, Heer. Kaido will tarnish Heer and Chuchak Chaudary’s image in the eyes of the public.

A still from the show (Source: ZEE5)

Now we can expect to see Kaido in his evilest avatar. He will not stop until revenge is served. There will be blood and we can expect a lot of twists and turns in the future. As soon as Chuchak and the Panchayat decide Nimmo and Babban’s case, Kaido can unleash his fury on them.

What do you think? Who will face the Kaido’s wrath first? Will Kaido kill Nimmo and Babban? Or will he put Heer and Ranjha’s lives into danger? Tell us how you think the story might go in the comment section below.

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