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Heer Ranjha Spoiler: Will Heer Get Kidnapped By Ranjha’s Family In The Upcoming Episodes?


July 10, 2020

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It seems that Heer and Ranjha will have to face a lot of difficulties and the future is not so bright for them. Read on for a big spoiler.

The Zee Punjabi serial Heer Ranjha will bring the entertainment back from July 13 onwards with brand new episodes. We have already given you a major spoiler about the new developments. Now we have another spoiler for you. It seems that Heer’s (Sara Gurpal) life be in grave danger!

Catch the weekly summary to get a hang of the story so far here:

After Allahrakhi (Kavya Pathak) and Shaukat (Mayuri Chopra) plan to kick Ranjha (Amaninder Pal Singh) out of Takht Hazara, Ranjha finds refuge in Jhang. Now we will see that Kaido (Rahul Jaittly) will plan against Ranjha and make sure to throw him out of both Heer’s life and Jhang. Kaido will try to arrange Heer’s marriage with Saida, but it seems that Heer will get trapped in the clutches of Ranjha’s family!

Ranjha’s elder brother Lekhu (Paras Mehra) has shared a picture on social media, which speaks a thousand words. Here it is.

A still from the shoot (Source: Instagram)

In this picture, we see an angry Heer being cornered by Ranjha’s elder brother Bhure (Deepak Kamboj), Lekhu (Paras Mehra), Shaukat, and Allahrakhi. Now we can speculate that Heer either falls into the trap of Takht Hazara’s people, or is actually getting help from them! However, Bhure is angry with Heer and hates the people of Jhang. There was a time when Heer was actually chased by Hazara’s angry villagers. At that time, Ranjha stepped in and saved Heer from Bhure and others. Therefore, we think it’s unlikely that Bhure will ever help her, and it seems that Heer is in for some big trouble!

Even Sara has shared a post on social media which hints that Heer is in distress. Check out this blood-curdling scream!

What do you think will happen? Do you think Heer will fall into Bhure and Allahrakhi’s trap? Will Ranjha’s family accept a Jhang girl so easily? Do you think that Ranjha will be able to save Heer? Let us know your views in the comment section below.

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