Heer Ranjha: Sahiba Enters As A New Villain In Heer’s Life In The Zee Punjabi Serial

We already have Kaido, Banto, and Allahrakhi as the villains of Heer Ranjha. Read on to know about the new villain set to wreak havoc in Heer’s life.


July 11, 2020


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The Zee Punjabi serial Heer Ranjha has brought the eternal lovers Heer and Ranjha back to the silver screen. Sara Gurpal and Amanidner Pal Singh have done justice to Heer and Ranjha with their honest portrayals. Where we have our heroes, we also have our villains. Heer and Ranjha face different and difficult challenges due to relatives like Allahrakhi (Kavya Pathak), Banto (Dr Ambar Bedi), Kaido (Rahul Jaittly), and Chinndo (Honey Shergill). But what if we tell you that there is another baddie waiting to unleash their fury upon the star-crossed lovers?

Watch the last episode of Heer Ranjha here:

We already know about the trio of Kaido, Banto, and Chinndo that are ready to create havoc in Heer’s life. Soon, we will see another entry that will bring new challenges in Heer’s life — Sahiba.

A still from the show (Source: ZEE5)

Sahiba is Sethi’s aunt. Remember Sethi? The girl who asks for help from Kaido and he poisons her lover Murad? Yes! that’s one we are talking about. Kaido creates a misunderstanding between Sethi and Heer and Sethi believes that Heer is responsible for the death of her niece. Thus, she considers Heer her enemy. So just imagine what will happen when Sethi’s bua enters the scene. Let us introduce you to the actor playing Sahiba.

Sharan Preet Kaur as Sahiba (Source: Instagram)

This is Sharan Preet Kaur, who is all set to make Heer’s life messier. Sharan will play the role of Sethi’s aunt, Sahiba, and  is expected to add more negativity to the show’s villainous trio. Honey Shergill has shared this video where Sharan says that’s she’s glad to be a part of the show and it feels great to be back on Punjabi television.

Source: Instagram

There you go, we have Sethi, Sahiba, Banto, and Kaido all together. What can we expect in such a case apart from high-voltage drama? Here is a glimpse of the scene where Kaido will attempt to arrange Heer’s marriage with Saida!

Just imagine how interesting the show be! We can’t wait for the new episodes! Just a few more days to wait. From July 13, your favourite shows will be back on Zee Punjabi.

Meanwhile, tell us your views on Sahiba. Do you think she will become a bigger threat than Kaido? How will Ranjha help Heer? Share your views in the comment section below.

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