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Heer Ranjha March 23-27 Recap: Will Nimmo Marry Kaido Against Her Will?


April 1, 2020

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Heer Ranjha has gone through a rollercoaster ride with numerous twists and turns in the past week. Read on for the highlights of the show!

The last few episodes of the Zee Punjabi serial Heer Ranjha (starring Amaninder Pal Singh and Sara Gurpal in the lead roles) have been nothing less than an edge-of-the-seat thriller, full of twists and turns with shocking moments and revelations. Here’s a gist of what happened on the show during the week from March 23-27.

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1. Heer and Ranjha interfere in Kaido’s wedding: Finally, Nimmo decides to get married to Kaido. Heer and Ranjha know that the marriage is happening against Nimmo’s will. Heer plans to spoil Kaido’s wedding. She tries to scare everyone in her house, but the tactic fails miserably. Banto and Kaido get a hint about Heer’s intentions. Ranjha and Babban team up against Kaido. The next day, Babban disguises as a villager who wants to join Kaido.

Ranjha and Babban plan against Kaido (Source: ZEE5)

2. Kaido gets intoxicated: Kaido agrees to have Babban as his accomplice, but he refuses the bhaang that Babban offers him and declares that he has given up every bad habit. Later in the night, Heer, with help from Ranjha, steals some bhaang from Chinndo. The next day, Ranjha disguises himself as a lady in a burkha and offers Kaido a drink spiked with bhaang. Then Kaido meets Shah Ji, Malki, and Heer. Shah Ji gets angry with Kaido for being drunk, but Kaido is only pretending! He assures Shah Ji that he is a different person now. Heer is shocked to see Kaido in his senses, and he reveals that while having a drink with a burkha-clad lady, he has exchanged his glass with hers. Kaido challenges Heer to stop his wedding.

Ranjha and Babban kidnap Nimmo from the Mazar (Source: ZEE5)

3. When Nimmo gets kidnapped: After many attempts, Nimmo finally admits to Heer that her wedding is against her will. Only because she is afraid of the consequences, she has agreed marry Kaido. Heer assures Nimmo that she will not let the marriage happen. The next day, Heer tells her mother Malki that Nimmo wants to visit the  Mazar before stepping into married life. Heer asks her mother if she can take her to the Mazar. Banto interrupts and asks Chinndo to accompany Nimmo. Shah Ji agrees. At the Mazar, Ranjha and Babban beat up Chinndo and kidnap Nimmo. When Chinndo comes back home without Nimmo, everyone panics. Heer finally manages to turn the tables on Kaido.

Babban disguises as Kaido and marries Nimmo (Source: ZEE5)

 4. Nimmo gets married, but to whom?: Nimmo comes back to the house, and everyone is happy about it except for Heer and Ranjha. On the day of the wedding, a silent Kaido indicates his “Kabool Hai” by nodding his head. But to everyone’s surprise, Kaido suddenly appears on the scene in a terrible condition! It is then revealed that Babban was the one getting married to Nimmo, disguised as Kaido under his sehra. Babban had drugged Kaido and taken his place! Babban tells Shah Ji that he is from Takht Hazara, which makes matters worse. Shah Ji decides to conduct a Panchayat and decide what should be done about the situation.

Wasn’t this recap a roller-coaster ride? Will Nimmo and Babban will get society’s acceptance? Share your views in the comments section below.

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