Heer Ranjha: From Poisoning Heer To Making Nimmo’s Life Miserable, Banto Is True Evil


June 29, 2020


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1. Banto Poisons Malki


Kehte hai na ki sache pyaar karne wale ki dushman bahut hote hai…it seems that Heer and Ranjha’s lives in the Punjabi serial Heer Ranjha would have been the inspiration behind this example. The eternal lovers’ Heer (Sara Gurpal) and Ranjha (Amaninder Pal Singh) have few deadly enemies and sadly they were from within the family. Heer’s aunt, choti ammi Banto (Dr Ambar Bedi) is one of the enemies of Heer and here we are with the injustices Banto has committed till now.

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Show ki suruwat main you get to know ki Banto kisi ki bhi sagi nahi hai. Malki (Kiranjit Kaur) is expecting a child and she’s in pain. Banto is with Malki and comes up with the evilest solution for Malki. She offers a laddoo to distressed Malki. Malki trusts Banto and she eats it, without knowing that Banto has poisoned the laddoo and this is her plan to kill the child within her.

Banto’s Deliberate Attempt To Kill Heer


Banto tries to kill Malki and the unborn child but God has other plans. Malki gives birth to Heer and Banto is so jealous to see baby Heer that she tries to kill Heer and this time…she succeeds. Heer is been poisoned by Banto and she’s not responding to anyone. However, with the help of noble soul Darvesh and little Ranjha, Heer gets rescued and she survives again.

Poor Nimmo


Heer’s family is angry and paranoid with the fact that Nimmo and Kaido return from the fair without Heer. Banto gets a chance to show her evil side and bossy attitude and thus she drags Nimmo away and then she comes back with her ponytail. Banto cuts Nimmo’s hair and the look in her eyes can turn anyone cold.

When She Slaps Heer


One thing that Banto really wants her’s daughter Pakko’s marriage. Pakko has a dark complexion and thus Banto envies the pretty Heer. Chuchak (Rohit Tannan) and other family members arrange Pakko’s marriage, but the groom puts a condition that he will accept Pakko as the second wife. He wants to get married to Heer and he will take Pakko as the second wife. When Banto gets to know about that, she slaps Heer hard and crying, she curses Heer that she will never be happy in her life and she will yearn for her love.

Absurdity On Next Level


Kaido (Rahul Jaittly) and Banto team up and they decide to help each other. Kaido assures Banto that he will fix Pakko’s marriage in an influential family, but only if she will convince their family to get him married to Nimmo. Banto convinces her family, including Malki and Chuchak ,and then she heads towards Nimmo’s house. She meets Nimmo’s mother and tells her that they have fixed Nimmo’s marriage with Kaido.

So these are some but brutal karnaame by Banto, she will keep hammering Heer and Ranjha’s life. Let us know your take on Banto in the comment section below.

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