Heer Ranjha: 5 Evil Moments Of Kaido That Will Make You Dislike Him All The More


April 15, 2020


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1. When Kaido kills Kaala

An antagonist is the one who makes the story interesting. Good versus Evil is one of the prominent factors of any classic story. If the negative character is played with the utmost cruelty, the actor makes a memorable impression. In the Zee Punjabi serial Heer Ranjha, Heer (played by Sara Gurpal) and Ranjha’s (played by Amaninder Pal Singh) biggest enemy is Heer’s paternal uncle Kaido (played by Rahul Jaitly). Kaido is responsible for the sad but immortal end of these lovers’ lives. So, here we are with the moments where Rahul Jaitly made Kaido menacing. Read on.

Just within four episodes, you are acquainted with Kaido and his lecherous nature. Kaido always tries to woo women in the most awful manner, and he tries his luck on Meher. However, Meher slaps him hard and he gets to know that she loves a boy from Takht Hazara, Kaala. Kaido has one rule, if he can’t possess anything, he tends to destroy it and thus he kills Kaala late in the night, which leads to an undying enmity between Jhang and Takht Hazara.

2. Kaido kills Ranjha's father

After killing Kaala, people of Jhang and Takht Hazara get into a killing spree. Mojju, the father of Dheedo, finds out that it was all started by Kaido and his impure intentions are the reason behind all the bloodshed. He decides to expose him to Shah Ji but Kaido confronts him and murders him in cold blood.

3. When Kaido abducts Nimmo

Kaido dreams to get married and that is why he eyes women. He likes Nimmo too. But when Nimmo’s marriage is fixed with Murad, he gets jealous. Since he can’t find anything to stop this marriage, he kidnaps Nimmo and molests her. This leaves Nimmo with a trauma.

4. Kaido apologises with a hidden intention

Burai kado tak chippi rahugi?  Shah Ji finds out that his younger brother Kaido is nothing less than a devil and thus he kicks him out. However, after a few days, Kaido returns home and apologises to Shah Ji, Malki, and the others, and promises them that he will improve as a person. But soon it is revealed that he has some different destructive plans, which include becoming the sworn enemy of his niece, Heer, and making her life a living hell.

5. When Kaido decides to marry Nimmo

Kaido has spoiled Nimmo’s life, but she’s keeping it a secret. Heer is asking Nimmo to confess, as she knows that Kaido has done something bad to her, but Nimmo keeps mum. Later, Kaido plans to get married to Nimmo and asks Banto and Chhindo to join forces with him and convince Malki and Shah Ji about his and Nimmo’s wedding. Kaido is always two steps ahead of Heer.

So this was our list of Kaido and the kartoot that makes him so bad. Do let us know your favourite moments from the show in the comment section.

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