Heer Ranjha: 3 Challenges That Ranjha Took On Fearlessly To Win Heer’s Heart

How do you think Ranjha impressed Heer? Despite his charm, Ranjha had to pass three tests set by Heer herself to win her heart! Check them out here.


June 22, 2020


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Zee Punjabi’s Heer Ranjha has successfully portrayed its namesake love story to perfection. Heer (Sara Gurpal) and Ranjha (Amaninder Pal Singh) story still look as fresh as their first day on screen, even if their characters have gone through many challenges in the story! Here we are discussing the three important challenges that Ranjha had to overcome to win Heer’s heart.

Watch Heer’s first test for Ranjha here:

Pyaar paana itna aasaan nahi hai. Ranjha leaves his house in Takht Hazara and goes to Jhang, just to tell Heer he loves her. However, Heer puts forth three conditions, three tests for Ranjha, before she will accept him.

Making Cowdung Cakes

A still from the show (Source: ZEE5)

Heer orders Ranjha to collect fresh cowdung and make cakes out of it to use as fossil fuels. Now Ranjha has never done such a thing, but just to win Heer’s heart, he follows cows and buffalos, collects their fresh faeces, and then plays a little trick to get the final fossil fuel cakes. So this is how Ranjha passes the first test of Heer.

Cooking Food For The Family

A still from the show (Source: ZEE5)

Heer sets it up so that Chinndo and Banto leave and Malki thinks that she has to make food for the family. But then, Heer hints that Ranjha will cook for the family. Ranjha understands that this is her second test. Heer orders him to make Sarson Da Saag for everyone. With the help of Nimmo and Pakko, Ranjha cracks Heer’s second test and everyone in the house praises Ranjha for his cooking skills. However, Heer knows that Pakko has prepared the food, so in a way, Ranjha loses the test, but Heer respects his dedication and forgives him.

Making Chirags 

A still from the show (Source: ZEE5)

Heer gives Ranjha a chance make up for his last test. She tells Ranjha to make 100 diyas (small chirags) and have them ready before they leave for Mazhar. Ranjha doesn’t know much about pottery, but his love for Heer helps him pass this test with flying colours. After this test, Heer realises that Ranjha can do anything for her and accepts his love.

So that’s how our Ranjha passes all the tests set by Heer. However, we can tell you that there will be tougher tests waiting for both the lovers ahead. Heer and Ranjha have a lot more to prove. How did you like Ranjha’s dedication? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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