Heavy Snowfall Hits Saudi Arabia; Is Global Warming The Real Cause?

As Saudi Arabia sees snowfall after 50 years, here is a glimpse of why the world is facing such shocking climatic conditions.

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

February 22, 2021

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Untimely weather conditions have become a rather frequent occurrence in several parts of the world at this point. While some areas suddenly get showered with rain, some face droughts during the rainy season and others encounter heavy snowfall without it being the winters. And while many parts of the world might be relieved at being able to enjoy colder weather conditions out of nowhere, it does not take away from the fact that it could be a result of the ever-increasing global warming.

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Several areas in the world have faced unusual climatic conditions over time that has resulted in certain forms of trouble for the people residing there. Some face downpours in the middle of summer, while some go through the most unexpected and the heaviest of snowfalls without any warning. Recently, the middle-eastern country of Saudi Arabia faced a rather surprising natural occurrence when it began snowing there. This has happened for the first time in the last 5 decades in the country, which is popular for having a consistently hot climate.

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While Indians are feeling a sense of relief, thanks to the colder weather, many other parts of the world have been suffering due to the cold. A prime example of the sufferings being endured is that of the citizens of Texas, USA. The state recently saw one of the most untimely and heaviest of snowstorms which led to numerous inconveniences. And while people dismiss the possible reason behind such a massive snowstorm being global warming, it should be known that while it melts ice, it can also lead to snowfall. Although global warming is caused due to the ever-increasing temperature of the planet Earth, it can continue to cause drastic climatic changes, whether it is cold during warmer seasons or droughts during the rainy ones. Currently, global warming is known to be one of the biggest concerns for the planet and all the beings living on it. It could cause prolonged droughts and famine in the near future which could also lead to the third world war due to the intense effects it might have on the economies.

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