Heavy Rains Leave Sudan In A State Of Emergency

The African country has been declared as a disaster zone after incessant rains have killed at least 100 people

Raghav N

September 9, 2020

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Sudan has been declared as a disaster zone by its authorities, following incessant rains in the last one week. The African country is in a state of emergency as floods due to heavy showers have left over 100 people dead and inundated more than a lakh houses. According to officials, at least 2000 sources of fresh water are contaminated.

The worst-hit area is the Sudanese capital of Khartoum. The irrigation ministry stated that the Nile River has risen by 17.5 metres, its highest level in a century. Residents of Khartoum have been forced to use barricades to stop the raging river water from flowing into their neighbourhoods.

The flood situation also poses a threat to two of the most important archaeological sites of Sudan, the Royal Pyramids of Meroe and Nuri. At Nuri, tombs of ancient Nubian kings and queens are witnessing the dangers of the mounting level of ground water, while the Meroe Royal Baths also face the risk of flooding.

Teams have been working since Monday to protect the spots. Meroe is an ancient city in the east bank of the Nile, about 200 kilometres from the capital.

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