Have you seen these five happy and heart warming moments from the Satyadev Kancharan starrer 47 Days yet?

If you’re looking to take a quick break, check out these five moments from Satyadev Kancharana’s 47 Days that’ll make you feel refreshed.

Sneha Bale

August 9, 2020


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For most of us, no film is complete without a strong emotional backbone. Debutante director Pradeep Maddali uses a strong emotional base to set his thriller film on. 47 Days starring Satyadev Kancharana, Pooja Jhaveri and Roshni, is an interesting tale. The mystery of the story makes us wait for the end excitedly while the emotional aspects of it connect us closer to the characters.

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Amongst the many, we have listed five of our favourite scenes. It is unique that this thriller and murder mystery has many heartwarming and happy moments in the film, too.

Satya and Paddu in 47 Days
Satya and Paddu in 47 Days (Source: ZEE5)

During the initial few moments of the film, we see the love story of Satya and Paddu blossom into something special. Despite meeting as childhood friends, Paddu enjoys a good period being chased by Satya.

Satya and Raja Ram in 47 Days
Satya and Raja Ram in 47 Days (Source: ZEE5)

When Satya starts his duty as a cop, he meets Raja Ram, a well-intentioned and loyal government servant. On the first day itself, Raja Ram gets bullied for arresting a bratty child. However, Satya comes up to Raja Ram and assures that his efforts will not go to waste.

Everyone in 47 Days
Everyone in 47 Days (Source: ZEE5)

Satya turns his car around when Paddu calls him in a state of severe panic. Paddu requests that they adopt the girl who had just witnessed her parents’ accident. Despite being young and newly married, Satya agrees with his wife’s serious request without a second thought.

Satya with his daughter and Raja Ram in 47 Days
Satya with his daughter and Raja Ram in 47 Days (Source: ZEE5)

Much later in the film, Satya returns to meet his daughter, who was staying temporarily with Raja Ram’s family. When Satya seems broken and lost inside, Raja Ram advises that the best way to fix himself once again is to come home to his happy child.

Satya and his daughter in 47 Days
Satya and his daughter in 47 Days (Source: ZEE5)

Satya finds the answers that he had been looking for over 40 days. When all dots seemed to be connected, he finds nothing else to look forward to. That’s when he turn around and decides to do the best that he can to keep his daughter happy.

Watch the full film if you haven’t seen it yet, only on ZEE5. Don’t forget to binge-watch on Priyadarshi’s Loser as we wait for the release of Meka Suri on July 31st.

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