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Raksha Bandhan: These 6 Things Prove Your Bond Is Strong Like Meera-Madhura in Aamhi Doghi

Manjiri Shete

July 22, 2020

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Who says Raksha Bandhan is only for brothers? Here are six things you will relate to if you have a sibling like these soul sisters from Aamhi Doghi.

Most of my fondest memories have my sister in it. Even today, there doesn’t go a day where I don’t mercilessly tease or fight with her, but there’s also an ocean of love that comes with those petty arguments. As I admit to this, Meera and Madhura from Aamhi Doghi on ZEE5 remind a lot of my sister. Meera’s protective attitude towards Madhura is what I see in siblings. If you, too, get the same feeling, here are a few things that you will relate to if you have a sister.

Before you proceed, watch this famous sister duo of Aamhi Doghi: 

1. Your clothes are her clothes (and the opposite)

Each time my sister is not able to find her favourite top most possibly it is me who is wearing it. After all, sharing is caring, right? This is what I tell myself every time I steal my sister’s clothes, which is almost every day. This becomes a start to a full-blown war between two rival countries.

2. You are always there to cover up for each other

I and my sister might pull other’s hair off during those nasty fights, but no one can else touch me when my sister is around. Whenever I sneak out, my sister covers up for me. No questions asked. That’s is an unspoken rule between us. She (and only she) can bully me. If you do it, you have to face the tigress, my sister.

3. You seek each other’s approval on important subjects

Whenever I go shopping, I have my sister on my speed dial. I seek her opinions on the clothes I am choosing for myself. In matters of love, too, her opinion is just as important. I like her honesty and unfiltered view of all the subjects.

4. Your fights are worse than World War II

Fights between me and my sister can begin with the silliest subjects. While watching us fight, i think my parents should just grab a tub of popcorn and watch us than their favourite TV show. Because, most likely, our fights are more interesting.

5. You can be your gross weird self

Your messy hair and morning breath doesn’t make a difference. She won’t be judging you even when you are utterly gross. You don’t have to hide, because she will embrace you regardless.

6. You hardly call her by her name 

I have several nicknames attached to my sister for different moods. When I want something from her, when I am angry with her or when I am teasing her: These three things deserve their own names.

After all, it’s rightly said, “Sisters before misters”. On that note, tell me, what are your fondest memories with your sister?

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