Hathras Case: UP Police Accesses Call Data Records Between Accused And Victim’s Brother

Sandeep Singh of the same village is the main accused in this case of alleged gang-rape and fatal assault on the Dalit woman in September.

Jessica David

October 7, 2020

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In a stunning development in Hathras case, it has now come to light that victim’s brother and main accused Sandeep Singh were friends and they used to talk with each other on phone too. Zee News is in possession of that call data record which shows that accused Sandeep Singh used to talk with the victim’s family on a particular number. It is learnt that the number is registered in the name of the victim’s brother. The call data record shows that five hours of conversation took place between the two numbers from October 2019 and March 2020. The victim’s brother, however, refused to admit that he used to talk to the main accused on phone.

The question arises if not the brother then who talked to the accused? In a further investigation by Zee News team, some Boolgarhi village residents hinted towards a possible love affair between the accused and the victim. The family members of other accused stood by their kin claiming innocence and denied the alleged gang-rape of the victim. Now, the big question still looms – was the victim raped? The Forensic Report of the Medical College of Aligarh Muslim University and Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi have not proved it yet. Rather, the report said that the victim was assaulted.

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