Hathras Case: Supreme Court Says Will Ensure Smooth Probe

Chief Justice of India wants the UP government to ascertain whether the victim’s family has chosen a lawyer and the scope of High Court proceedings.

Jessica David

October 7, 2020

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Supreme Court says it will ensure that the investigation into Hathras rape case incident is smooth. Court asked Uttar Pradesh government to file an affidavit detailing the witness protection efforts on the ground in this case. Chief Justice of India (CJI) Bodbe said, “We want it (UP government) to ascertain whether the victim’s family has chosen a lawyer. We want to know the scope of Allahabad High Court proceedings, how we can widen it and make it relevant.” Earlier, the UP government filed an affidavit in which it said that a vicious campaign has been unleashed on the social media, television and print media to defame it.

As the matter has caught national attention, it must be probed by a central agency, the government also said. Further, the affidavit said that the court must direct a CBI probe into the alleged rape and assault case. While giving out details of the ongoing probe, the UP government also said that vested interests are attempting to ascribe a motive to derail a fair probe. The affidavit also stated that the district administration convinced the parents of the deceased to cremate the victim at night to avoid large scale violence in the morning.

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