Hasdeyaan De Ghar Vasde: When Sudesh Lehri And Gurpreet Ghuggi Brought The House Down

Sudesh Lehri and Chandan Prabhakar turned this episode into a laughter roller-coaster. Read on for some frank conversations!


May 29, 2020


4 min


The Punjabi TV show Hasdeyaan De Ghar Vasde is different from other comedy talk shows. The difference is that here, the heart does the talking. Ithe saare dil toh gaal karde han, and that’s why you can see the celebrity guests are at ease and are able to disclose some of the most hidden facts of their life. The episode we have for you today is one of the frankest conversations we have ever seen on screen. Read on to find out how laughter icon Sudesh Lehri poured his heart out.

Watch Lehri and Chandan Prabhakar in the Punjabi TV show Hasdeyaan De Ghar Vasde here:

When Lehri Played Along With Ghuggi And Khusboo

Lehri enters the show with Khusboo Grewal. They start talking, and Lehri starts making fun of Khusboo. Later, as usual, Gurpreet Ghuggi and Khusboo start arguing. Lehri plays along and starts fighting with Ghuggi for not treating him well. Ghuggi starts his non-stop talking engine. Lehri calms Ghuggi down. This is a great start to the episode.

Sudesh Lehri playing along the duo (Source: ZEE5)

When Lehri Thanks Ghuggi For Helping Him During His Struggling Phase

Lehri hasn’t forgotten his humble beginnings. He shares that when he started out as a comedian, he used to be afraid of participating in big competitions and talent hunts as he didn’t know Hindi. At that time, Ghuggi gave him the confidence to go ahead and participate.

Lehri and Ghuggi remember the good old days (Source: ZEE5)

Lehri On His Wife

Lehri says that his wife played a major role in his success. Even during his struggling days, his wife supported him, and her simplicity helped him a lot. Lehri says that his wife is so simple that once when they were returning from the airport, he was pushing his wife on a wheelchair and she started crying. She said that she can’t see herself moving around like a boss and him pushing her wheelchair.

Sudesh Lehri (Source: ZEE5)

When Chandan Prabhakar Met Lehri In His Childhood Days

The episode becomes funnier when famous comedian Chandan Prabhakar joins the duo. Lehri and Ghuggi share their happiness at Chandan’s success. Prabhakar says that he has learnt from them. The comedian goes on to say that when he was in the ninth grade, he watched Lehri’s performance. He travelled miles to meet him. He finally found Lehri’s home and they talked for hours.

Chandan Prabhakar and Sudesh Lehri (Source: ZEE5)

The episode ends on a laughing note as Lehri and Prabhakar’s magic makes it a memorable one. How did you find this episode? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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