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Fans of Kristen Stewart are divided on whether she has done justice to her role as Lady Diana in the upcoming movie Spencer. Kristen plays the royalty that fell to the greed of Paparazzi. Although the film has  premiered at the Venice film festival on 3 September, it will release in theatres only next year.

How did Kristen fare as Lady Diana?

The run-up to Diana’s crash in that tunnel starts early in the movie with the royal dinner meetings that elaborately put Diana’s (played by Kristen) in typical royal attire. Kristen even looked like the princess.

As per critics, Kirsten Stewart’s poise, voice, postures, clearly showed her qualities to fit into the role. Kirsten got even the minor details right. Stuff like, how a typical royalty from the Buckingham palace, being self-conscious all the time, behaves as hundreds of eyes gaze down upon her.

Eyebrows did raise in England and the proverbial British tight lips went tighter. “A slouchy American star as the people’s princess of Wales? How can an iconoclast like Stewart play the icon that was Diana?”, a critic writes in NYT after the world premiere of the film.

Another expression aired on the movie thrashes the social alibi attached to the role and the person plays it. Kirsten is cool to these expressions, “With one major outing is over I am now looking for smaller projects till April till we begin shooting for ‘Focus’.

Kristen Stewart pairs with Ben Affleck for ‘Focus’

From the royal robes, a tiara and a fleet of horse-drawn buggies and posh cars, Kristen Stewart will star in a upwardly amorous, nay, the intricately passionate film ‘Focus’ with the Hollywood Adonis, Ben Affleck. Kristen will  play the role of  a con in Focus, which is two ends of a line transcending into opposite directions, in any way one looks at. Both Stewart and Ben Affleck in their own rights are con artists in the film. Kristen confirmed to Huffington Post about the new movie that she will be doing with Ben Affleck. “It’s a comedy. I’m really excited about it. We start shooting in April. But April is so far away and she is now looking for some short term project as a warm-up activity.

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