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Harshadaa Vijay From Love Bites: Nishika Knows How To Get Her Way With Men

Kenneth Carneiro

November 28, 2019

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Harshadaa Vijay, who plays the role of Nishika in Love Bites tells us about her character and why Vishwas should end up with her.

Harshadaa Vijay plays the unique character of Nishika in the ZEE5 Original digital drama Love Bites. She plays a cute girl who could easily be a con artist, and shares a unique chemistry with Anshuman Malhotra‘s character Vishwas. We chat with her about her role in the show and the public’s response to her character. Read on to find out what aspects of Love Bites she related to.

Watch the trailer of Love Bites here.

Int: How has the response been to your show Love Bites?

Harshadaa: The reactions have been good so far. Because this is my debut in a web series, I didn’t expect people to say such good things about my work. It always feels good when people like your work and encourage you to do more.

Int: So your character in Love Bites seems sweet as well as sly…

Harshadaa: Yeah she is street smart basically. She knows exactly ‘ki iss ladke ko kaise lapetna hai‘. You know she can make every guy believe that he is the right one for her and then use him to get what she wants.

Int: So do you relate to your character Nishika in Love Bites?

Harshadaa: (Laughs) No, no, not at all. I am very different from the character. In fact, I had to work a lot to act like Nishika. I am very quite and polite as a person. Nishika is so bubbly and quick that she can steal your wallet without you realising. She basically knows how to get her way with men.

Int: If you had to pick one character from Love Bites for Vishwas to end up with, who would you pick? 

Harshadaa: Umm… Me of course. (laughs)

Int: Everyone says that, even Priyal (Gor) and Teena (Singh) said that…

Harshadaa: Yeah obviously… I might be using him, but I am also very nice to him yaar.

Int: What was one aspect of millennial romance that was shown in Love Bites that you related to? 

Harshadaa: Love Bites is exactly how our life is. People have relationships, the break-up, some stay together without even having a relationship. All of these aspects of our daily lives are shown in the series.

Harshadaa reveals that she is working on another web series with ALTBalaji. With a lot of ALTBalaji shows streaming on ZEE5, we can expect to see more of her here. Till then, you can binge-watch all the episodes of Love Bites.

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