Harris-Pence Face-Off Was Mostly About Trump’s COVID-19 Management

While Vice-President Mike Pence applauded Donald Trump for banning China travelers to contain the pandemic, Kamala Harris said that the government failed to protect its people from the lethal infection

Raghav N

October 8, 2020

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A major topic of contention during the vice-presidential debate yesterday (7 October) in Salt Lake City in Utah was President Donald Trump’s handling of the Coronavirus pandemic. The face-off between Democrat candidate Kamala Harris and current Vice President Mike Pence was a considerably subdued affair compared to the earlier presidential debate between Trump and rival Joe Biden.

Harris, the first American- African-Asian woman to contest on such an important ticket said that the federal government knew about COVID-19 and its lethal nature as early as January 2020. Calling out the Trump administration for being dishonest with its country’s people, the senator spoke about Biden and her response plan to contain the infections by increasing the testing and ensuring the best medical care for all Americans.

Pence, on the other hand, praised the US President for taking vital steps such as suspending all travel from China in the initial stages of the spread. He said that with this, Trump managed to score invaluable time that saved lakhs of the country’s population. He further added that under this government, testing for the virus was reinvented and with the best research and support, a vaccine is in the pipeline by February. He also took a jibe at the Biden pandemic plan by referring to it as plagiarized.

This event was starkly different from the Trump-Biden affair with the latter being termed as chaotic and at many occasions insulting, by political experts. During yesterday’s telecast, both the aspirants were seated at a 12 feet distance from each other and were divided by a plexiglass panel.

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