Happy Cousins’ Day: Here Is An Exclusive List Of Shows And Movies You Can Stream For A Movie-Night With Your Cousins

From Mafia, UNLOCK -The Haunted App to Golmaal and more, spend a cosy cousins sleepover or a virtual one with these films to keep you entertained!

Ankita Tiwari

July 24, 2020


3 min


There is always a small line between friends and family. On one side it is frolic and fun while the other is all about responsibility. But between these two sides is a relation that is often cherished by one and all, the relation with cousins! This bond is tied with family relations but also has the freedom of friendship. When was the last time that you stopped yourself from meeting your cousin when you had an important secret to reveal? The answer might be well never! The cousins are our closest friends, they have our best interests at heart and are the secret-keepers! There is no formality and also a sense of belonging. You will agree if you have lived with a horde of cousins, or perhaps visited them on holidays! So here is our binge-watch list for the most special bond that is less appreciated. Go ahead read it!

Mafia – A group of six friends heads out to celebrate the bachelor party of a girl named Tanya. But these friends have a past that has grisly details none of them would want to revisit. Yet unknowingly they fall in the pattern of death and awakening all thanks to the game of Mafia! Watch this for a thrill ride with all the cousins huddled together!

UNLOCK -The Haunted App – Kushal Tandon and Hina Khan’s supernatural thriller flick is best for the night’s movie marathon. You will discover the suspense of the horror app in the Unlock -The Haunted App and this could be your special secret! Try this one out.

Veere Di Wedding – The film of four friends going around the world and proving their friendship is one that each one of us vies to do. But how amazing if it were your cousin girl gang? Watch this film with your sisters and make an unbreakable bond!

Partner – A funny film yet one that would instil laughter as well as tears. Salman Khan and Govinda’s partner is all about best friends who are like brothers. And brotherhood is the other name of the bonds cousins share right?

Golmaal – A funny story that feels very real. Four friends Gopal, Madhav, Lakshman, and Lucky find shelter at a home of a blind couple. They try to play out a funny drama scene. Well, this one would leave you all rolling with laughter! And can be watched as many times as possible.

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