Happy Birthday, Siddharth: Bommarillu versus Oh My Friend, which one is your pick?

As Siddharth celebrates his 42nd Birthday, let us look at two of his most loved roles from Bommarillu and Oh My Friend. Which one would you choose?

Bhavna Gandikota

April 17, 2021


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Many actors before Siddharth have played the boy-next-door roles, but none of them were able to give this persona the shades that Siddharth was able to pull off. On his 42nd birthday, let us look at two of his most popular boy-next-door roles, in Bommarillu and Oh My Friend, and see what was different about them.

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Siddharth in Bommarillu 

The 2006 rom-com Bommarillu starring Genelia D’Souza and Siddharth, is a cult classic. The dialogues of this movie find their way into everyday conversation and are still spoken about. Siddharth plays Siddu who is an obedient son who always has to give in to his father’s decisions for him. He puts his head down and obeys whatever his father has to say, and later tries to get over it by drinking his worries away with his friends.

All of us know someone who cannot oppose their parent’s decision, and this is where he becomes relatable. The scene where he finally opens up to Prakash Raj is where he finds the freedom he never did. No family is a stranger to the drama that occasionally outbreaks and forces us to have the conversations we avoid. Siddharth pulls this role off as if he lived the role every day.

Siddharth in Bommarillu
Source: ZEE5

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Siddharth in Oh My Friend

In 2011, the Shruti Haasan and Siddharth starrer Oh My Friend gave us the much-needed message that we were looking for, which was that a girl and a guy can be best friends and it doesn’t have to turn into anything romantic. Siddharth played Chandu who hailed from a middle-class background where dreams can be easily crushed. However, he does not let that happen and pursues a career in music.

Unlike Siddu, he is not afraid of doing what he wants against his parent’s wish for his happiness. We all know someone like this, who has had to disappoint their families several times for their dreams. No one is wrong or right here, and Siddharth easily conveys that here. We wonder how he plays every role so nonchalantly.

Siddharth and Shruti Haasan In Oh My Friend
Source: ZEE5

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