Happy Birthday Mrinal Kulkarni! 5 Lesser Known Facts About The Ye Re Ye Re Paisa Actress

Rukmini Chopra

June 21, 2019


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1. Mrinal started acting in films after marriage

Popular Marathi actress Mrinal Kulkarni celebrates her 48th birthday today. On her special day, we present you with lesser- known facts about the actress. For starters, did you know that Mrinal started acting in films after her marriage? It’s usually the other way round for actresses but not for Mrinal, who didn’t let marriage interfere with her career and vice versa.

Watch her film Ye Re Ye Re Paisa here.

2. Mrinal was always a studious kid

She may have made a mark in films but Mrinal was drawn more to her books during childhood. The actress hails from a family of teachers and was brought up in a strict, studious environment. Well, life does work in mysterious ways!

3. Mrinal was often typecast for her beauty

The actress is known to be one of the most beautiful women in the industry but the same hasn’t always worked in her favour. There were times when she was typecast and given delicate roles, due to the assumption that she won’t do justice to intense and tough characters.

4. Mrinal and her husband Ruchir were college sweethearts

Mrinal and her husband Ruchir were childhood friends and started a relationship only once they entered college. In an episode of Kanala Khada, talking about the same, the actress revealed, “I kept kept waiting for him to propose but that never happened. One fine day, I went up to him and said, ‘whatever you may or may not ask me, my answer is yes!’ Till date Ruchir teases me and says that he still doesn’t know what I said yes to as he never asked me anything.” Lol!

5. Mrinal consciously chooses projects that she can watch with her family

The actress maintains that she has never chosen films that have brought disgrace to her family. Mrinal consciously chooses projects that she can watch with her family. 

We wish her a very happy birthday and a great day! Post your wishes for Mrinal in the comments section below.

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