Happy Birthday Indrajith Sukumaran: Heartwarming moments shared between the actor and Manju Warrier in Mohanlal

As Indrajith Sukumaran turns 41, here are some of the birthday boy’s top moments in the runaway hit ‘Mohanlal’ you can watch to adore the actor in him.

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December 17, 2020


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Indrajith Sukumaran is one of those few actors who have constantly been on the rise. From hit to hit, his strengths have always overshadowed his weaknesses. With an exemplary charm on his face and eyes that can tell tales on their own, Indrajith is that actor who can simply fit into any scene and situation and hit it out of the park. As the actor turns 41 on 17 December, here are some of the birthday boy’s top moments in the runaway hit Mohanlal you can watch to adore the talent that he is. Mohanlal, directed by Sajid Yahiya, is a drama that will make you laugh and cry, all the while falling in love with Meenukutty and Sethu Madhavan and their love for each other.

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Meenukutty’s Sethu Madhavan

Love is a complicated emotion and expressing it can sometimes be tough. For Indrajith, however, it is a walk in the park. From the moment he sees and meets eye with Meenukutty (Manju Warrier), the emotions flowing in Sethu’s (Indrajith) face are nothing but pure. For the viewer, watching him melt Meenukutty’s heart is a reminder of how a simple smile can go all the way when it comes to the person you love.


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Sethu’s Aadu Thoma Move

We all know Mohanlal’s Aadu Thoma and his signature move. For a movie named after the legendary actor himself, it was obvious to find a bulk of the actor imitating Mohanlal every now and then. Indrajith simply stands out in imitating some of the signature scenes from Mohanlal’s movies after he realises Meenukutty’s obsession over the actor. Even though the bits and pieces are all fun to watch, it is Sethu’s Aadu Thoma move that is sure to bring a smile to your face.

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Sethu’s Ultimate Dilemma

It is not all fun and games, as the emotional arch of the movie is just as strong as its laughs. Sethu realising the depth of Meenukutty’s obsession and his dilemma of choosing between and love and life brings out some of the best acting moments in Indrajith’s acting career. While Sethu Madhavan sits on the railway station filled in despair, you can see his eyes telling a thousand things all at once and it is sure to make one’s eyes glassy. It is one of the scenes that will make you fall in love with the actor all over again.


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