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Happy Birthday Hardeek Joshi! 7 Charming Pictures Of The Handsome Hunk From Tuzhat Jeev Rangala

Kedar Koli

October 6, 2020

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Let’s take a look at Hardeek’s pictures which are enough to make anyone fall in love with him!

Hardeek Joshi aka our favourite Rana from Tuzhat Jeev Rangala has turned 32 today. The talented actor has kept us intrigued with his awe-inspiring performance in the show opposite Akshaya Deodhar. Hardeek has gone through various transformations and has also reincarnated during the course of the show. Apart from the interesting plot twists, the different avatars of the handsome hunk is another reason why the show is loved, especially by ladies. Many of them have gone head over heels with Hardeek’s chivalrous looks and his charm. Let’s take a look at five of his best pictures that are enough to make anyone fall in love with the Tuzhat Jeev Rangala actor.

Watch an episode of Hardeek’s show here.

1. Can’t stop adoring himself

When you look so adorable that you can’t stop checking yourself out! Hardeek flashes a radiant smile in this picture in which he sports a quirky pair of glasses.

2. The entrancing stare

Hardeek loves wearing striped shirts and we love seeing him in it! The actor has a collection that he likes to flaunt on special occasions and events. Here’s a photo in which the actor poses while donning a red striped shirt.

3. Beard game on fleek! 

The actor has perfected the bearded look so much so that we can’t imagine him without his full-grown stubble on the show. Hardeek certainly knows how to grab eyeballs with his toned beard and moustache.

4. The dash of innocence

The actor manages to look handsome even without his usual beard. Take for example, this clean-shaved picture of Hardeek that has melt our hearts in a jiffy!

5. Chill mode on

When he’s not shooting for the show, Hardeek likes to travel and explore places. The actor is always up for adventures both in real and reel life. We can’t get enough of Hardeek in chill mode flaunting his blue round-shaped glasses.

6. The style icon

Apart from being an incredible actor, Hardeek is considered to be a style icon in the industry. With looks to kill for, the actor can look good in almost every outfit – fashionable or not!

7. Looking dapper in a suit

Hardeek had once suited up for the red carpet event of Zee Marathi awards. He made us drool over his dapper looks in a black suit, which he paired with a white shirt and a black bow tie to go.

Join us in wishing the actor a very happy birthday! Check out the premiere episodes of his show Tuzhat Jeev Rangala before they are telecast on TV with the ZEE5 Club Pack.

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