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Happy Birthday, Adinath Kothare: This Actor Also Has A Penchant For Writing Poems, Read On!

Aboli Vaze

May 13, 2021

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On the occasion of Adinath Kothare’s birthday, let us take a look at some of the beautiful poems penned by him.

Adinath Kohare is a leading actor in the Marathi film industry and has delivered some brilliant performances over the years. He has also stepped into production as well as direction, thereby carving a niche for himself in several creative fields of the industry. However, did you know he isn’t just an ace actor or a director, but also a great writer? He often shares his writings on social media and the fans love it. On the occasion of his birthday, let us take a look at some of his beautiful poems.

Watch Maza Chakula starring Adinath Kothare here:

Fabric of Love

Aditya wrote this heartfelt piece on love and called it ‘both the beginning and the end’. He compared love to the stars of the universe and how they are drawn to each other like a moth to a flame. We must say, he has quite beautifully explained his version of love in a few simple words.


Aditya penned this lovely poem to describe what ‘beginning’ means to him. He called it the ‘silence before the plunge’ or ‘the last reflection before the run’ and his words truly have a deep meaning behind them. It makes one ponder over different aspects of life.

‘Mathya varli kor’

Aditya has described ‘tichya mathya varli kor‘ as something he sees in his dreams, that shines for him in a cloudy sky, that sparkles on a dark night, and always beats in his heart. Fans loved this poem and left many appreciative messages in the comment section.

Meaning of words

Through this poem, Aditya has said that sometimes words are not needed to express thoughts. Thoughts find their own words and ‘rise like bubbles through the deep sea, bursting on the surface of chaos’. In simple words, he has tried to explain that sometimes, we don’t need words to express our thoughts, they find an escape of their own.

A Single tree

He has beautifully written about a lonely tree in this poem and has described how it withstands loneliness, pain, grief, hatred and violence all by itself. No matter how many seasons or storms pass by, the tree continues to evolve in solitude.

Which of these poems did you love the most? Do let us know. We look forward to the birthday boy sharing more of his poems and wish him a very happy birthday.

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