Haiwaan Major Plot Twist: Randhir Fakes His Own Death To Stop Ansh And Amrita’s Wedding

Kenneth Carneiro

November 11, 2019


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Haiwaan: Amrita Tries To Escape From Ansh


On Haiwaan, the love saga of Randhir and Amrita’s romance will take another turn. Ansh pretends to become a good man and Randhir allows Amrita to marry him. However, Randhir is unaware that Ansh is blackmailing Amrita to get married. Ansh has kidnapped Amrita’s family she agrees to marry him only to save her family.

Amrita tries to escape from the house to find her family. She slips past Ansh and tracks them down. However, She is attacked by a new and even more dangerous Haiwaan who’s whole purpose is only to stop Amrita from meeting her family. Ansh saves Amrita from the other Haiwaan but warns that he will kill her family if she tried to trick him again.

Watch Saturday’s episode of Haiwaan here.

Haiwaan: Ansh Wants To Marry Nisha And Amrita


Ansh is all set to marry Amrita whom he always loved. However, after becoming a Haiwaan his feelings have changed. He now also loves Nisha who was always in love with him. He promises her that his marriage to Amrita is fake and he really will marry her. However, Ansh knows he is lying to Nisha.

Haiwaan: Jia Tries To Seduce Randhir


Randhir finds out that Ansh is behind Amrita’s parents’ disappearance and is forcing Amrita to marry him. However, Jia gets Randhir home and  makes him drugs him. She then takes him to her bedroom and tries to seduce him. Jia is trying to keep Randhir away from the wedding.

Haiwaan: Randhir Tries to Find Amrita’s Family


Randhir and his new assistant try to find Amrita’s family and stop the wedding. However, they meet another of Jia’s villain, a teleporting clown, along with the new Haiwaan. Randhir becomes invisible and fires arrows at them beating up both the villains. However, Ansh shows up there and he shoves Randhir in a car before throwing him off a cliff.

Haiwaan: Amrita Mourns Randhir’s Death


Amrita goes to the hospital and sees Randhir’s dead body there. She knows that Ansh has killed Randhir. Amrita goes back home and begins mourning his death. Ansh starts losing patience with her because he thinks she is only doing it to delay the wedding.

Haiwaan: Ansh Forces Amrita To Marry Him


After Randhir’s death, Amrita is left helpless as Ansh pulls her to the mandap to get married. However, at the hospital Ansh reveals his secret plan to his assistant. He reveals that he used the invisibility cloack to jump out of the car before it was thrown. He also reveals that the dead body everyone saw was only a clone.

Randhir Comes Back To Stop The Wedding


In this week’s episode, Randhir first tries to free Amrita’s family from Ansh and Jia’s Haiwaan’s. He then goes home to stop Amrita from being forced to marry Ansh. Will he succeed in this mission? Watch the upcoming episodes this weekend to find out.

Watch the previous episodes of Haiwaan, also streaming on ZEE5.

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