Tips For Shiny Healthy Hair Like Kamali’s Amulya Gowda

Ever wondered how to maintain your mane? Here’s how your favourite Kamali does it. Take notes!


September 17, 2020


1 min


Amulya Gowda who plays a brave character of Kamali in the show also puts in tremendous efforts in managing silky healthy hair! If you have trouble maintaining long hair, then here are 5 tips you can take from our very own Kamali.

As for Kamali, most recently in the show, Kamali gets hold of the medicines that Anika has been giving Chandru and gets more information about the same. She learns that Anika has been giving him medicines to alter his brain activity and make him mentally weaker than he already is.

It is also revealed that there is a look-alike of Kamali who is a policewoman. This new character in the show is not only the opposite of Kamali, but has come across as a strong personality that may or may not cross paths will Kamali.

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