Gully Boy Actor Vijay Varma Reveals His Initial Struggles In The Industry

Vijay Varma in a recent interview spoke about his early struggles in the industry. The Gully Boy actor also spoke about how he is happy to have people watch and enjoy his work.

Tanvi Dhote

January 5, 2021

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Actor Vijay Varma recently in an interview opened up about his struggles in the industry. Varma shot to fame after his nuanced performance in Zoya Akhtar directed Gully Boy. After carving a place for himself in the industry, Vijay Varma spoke about how he feels to finally be recognised the film industry and having his dream job.

Bollywood has witnessed many new talents enter the industry in the past few years. While many talents failed to make an impression, some actors carved a place for themselves with their stellar performances in their debut films. One of the stars in this second category is none other than Vijay Varma. He marked his debut in ‘Chittagong’ and then shot to fame with Gully Boy.

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In a recent interview, Vijay Varma revealed the struggles he faced during the early years of his career. He revealed that his journey has been no less than a rollercoaster. This rollercoaster comprised of a lot of dedicated work and patience. But after living through this struggle, Vijay Varma also said that he is very happy to have reached the stage where people have seen his work and enjoyed it.

While talking about his personal life, Vijay Varma revealed that he hails from Hyderabad. He added that he had a pretty great childhood and belonged to a cute family and he received immense love, affection, and attention from them. Varma revealed that during his teenage years he started developing his opinions about various issues which led to some friction between him and his father.

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As a kid, Vijay used to love comic books and video games that took up a lot of his time and hence he wasn’t social as a kid. He once considered becoming a model but did not pursue it further as he was not confident enough. This led him to take up many odd jobs and work at a call centre. Later he also took up software engineering for a year but gave up. He also taught himself English and revealed that he enjoyed the process of training. Now, Varma is bagging several film and OTT roles and is willing to enthral the audience with his performances.

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