Gudi Padwa Special: New Beginnings To Expect On Our Favourite Marathi Shows

From Shubhra to Gulpreet and Billu, here is everyone who could get a new start this Gudi Padwa!

Tanvi Rumale

April 11, 2021


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Gudi Padwa is a festival of spring, of harvest and of new beginnings. This year, Gudi Padwa falls on the 13th of April and it is considered by Maharashtrians, the first day of the year. We know that with new years come new beginnings and we might just get to see them in our favourite Marathi shows as well! Not just Gudi Padwa celebrations, but also fresh start for many characters on the shows. Let us take a look at some of them!

Aggabai Sunbai’s Shubhra

Source: ZEE5

Asawari has been making efforts to see Shubhra on her own two feet and we might soon see this actually happen! In the recent episode, Asawari also suggested that they bring a house-help so that Shubhra’s burden could be eased but she disagrees. We might see Asawari find a way to bring a house-help still and get Shubhra to visit the DBK Foods office more often. Unknowingly, Shubhra could soon see the world with confidence again. Especially now that Abhijeet knows Soham’s secret, he could reveal this to the family and Shubhra could denounce her husband and start gaining confidence! This could be a real new beginning for Shubhra!

Manasi and Aniket in Pahile Na Me Tula

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Now that things are relatively calm in Manasi’s household, Manasi and Aniket could come clean about their secret marriage. They have been hiding it because Aniket does not have a proper respectable job as of yet. If Aniket secures a job soon, they could break the news to the family. Rajan and Nirmala might be angry at first, but they know Aniket and his family well. They also only ever wanted a respectable young man who is trustworthy and sincere. Aniket checks all of those boxes and more. It could really be a new start for the couple if they do tell the truth!

Rajvir and Priyanka in Karbhari Laybhari

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These two have also married against their families wishes and we might see their families accepting them soon! They come from rival political families and have gone through a lot to be together already! Rajvir’s evil aunt, Kanchan has been making their lives difficult every now and then, even though she was the one who got them married. But with Gudi Padwa around the corner, we could see the families talk god god and accept Rajvir and Priyanka’s marriage!

Billu and Gulpreet in Majha Hoshil Na

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Billu and Gulpreet have been a well-kept secret of Bandhu mama’s but as each episode unravels, Sai might break the news to the Brahme family. We might see Sai use a quirky idea to get Gulpreet and Billu accepted into the family and they might even move into the Brahme house. We know that Billu and Gulpreet are both extremely understanding of the Brahmes and this might actually make them live in harmony! Sai will also have a woman’s company in the house and the whole family could end up have great times together!

Which new beginning are you most excited about?

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