Guddu Episode 16-17 Review: Guddu Faces Alien Invasion And Jurassic Retreat!

#NonStoBachFUN continues in these exciting adventures, Guddu has to face a tribe of uninvited aliens and deal with a baby dinosaur.

Ankita Tiwari

May 21, 2020


4 min


In Episode 16, Guddu and his friends are ready to celebrate Mayor Bear’s birthday. When Chugli and Googly fight over a jacket, they both squabble about who would wear the jacket at the birthday party. They end up hitting a boulder and the musical instrument, harmonica falls down. Guddu reprimands their behavior and tells his friends that this harmonica was given to him by his friend Vigyani Sen. His friends urge him to play it and they dance to the tunes at Mayor Bear’s party. Later, Guddu bids adieu to the party as he gets suspicious about some activity at Dhimkana Nagar.

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When he reaches Dhimkana Nagar, he finds that the entire area has been sealed by the aliens. The invasion has led to the area getting destroyed by the creatures of the universe. They try to fight off Guddu but he makes them realise that he is the King of Dhimkana Nagar. Guddu’s friends report it to Inspector Rocky, Mayor and they summon Dr. Rocket who is a scientist. They gather information about the aliens and the scientist tries to capture them. But Guddu tells Inspector Rocky and his friends that the aliens are innocent and Dr. Rocket only wants to harm them. Inspector Rocky arrests Dr. Rocket and the aliens thank Guddu. Guddu asks the aliens to take Dr. Rocket with them! But Dr. Rocket apologises and the aliens forgive him.

Source: ZEE
Source: ZEE

In the next episode of Guddu, everyone is performing at the circus at Falana city. But outside there is a commotion as a thief, Bakkur tries to smuggle a special egg. As Inspector Rocky chases him the egg falls and breaks open. A baby dinosaur steps outside the hatched egg. He is transported to Guddu’s circus and everyone is in awe of him. It is a rare specie and everyone tries to figure out where the baby dino’s parents must be.

Source: ZEE
Source: ZEE

Guddu and his friends try to find out where the dinosaur belongs, in their quest they reach the valley of dinosaurs. In the valley they spot the baby dinosaur’s mother. She is angry and the tribe of dinosaurs comes out to kill them thinking that they are the thieves who stole their egg. They want to take revenge. But Guddu shows them his skills and the dinosaur’s mother accepts that Guddu was not the one who stole him.

Source: ZEE
Source: ZEE

The dinosaurs get happy and rejoice to have their baby back home! They ask Guddu to be a part of their celebration but Guddu declines and tells them he would definitely return for the baby dino.

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