Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Behind The Scenes: More Drama And Some Interesting Twists

Janhvi Sharma

July 13, 2020


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Upcoming episodes will keep the viewers hooked to the show


Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega features Kanika Mann and Nishant Singh Malkani in lead roles. The actors essay the role of Guddan and Akshat Jindal (AJ) and have mesmerized everyone with their adorable chemistry. After the lockdown of more than 100 days, the actors are back on the sets and have resumed shoot. Well, in the current track of the show we got to know that Guddan is pregnant and AJ is quite happy for them. But Saraswati wants to separate Guddan and AJ and tries her level best to ruin their happiness. She sends goons to AJ’s house and gets him kidnapped. The makers are leaving no stones unturned in making the show interesting with by adding twists and turns in the upcoming episodes.

Guddan’s godh bharai ceremony


In the upcoming episodes, Guddan and AJ will return to Jindal Bhavan and will be excited to meet their extended family. Laxmi, Saraswati, Ganga, Durga and others will organise a grand godh bharai celebration for Guddan. The family members will decorate the house with lights and flowers.

Celebration galore


In this picture, Guddan, AJ and others dance their hearts out and are all excited to welcome a new family member in their house.

Soon to-be parents in one frame


In this picture, elated AJ showers love on their unborn child and touches Guddan’s baby bump. The two beam with joy and cannot wait for their child.

Ganga and Alekh plan to kidnap Guddan’s child


In the hospital, Ganga and Alekh will plan to take revenge from Guddan as she had slapped her. The two plan to kidnap her baby and tells doctors to lie to the Jindal family that the child is dead.

Ganga plans to take baby away from Guddan


The doctors lie to AJ and the family that Guddan gave birth to a dead child. AJ gets shocked and gets worried about how will he convey the message to Guddan who is still unconscious.

Alekh runs with the baby


As Alekh runs with the baby, the child starts crying. Alekh suddenly puts the baby in the cane basket and runs and the cops follow him.

Guddan finds her baby


Alekh leaves the baby crying on the road, AJ hears a child crying. He sees no one around and picks the child. The doctor who lied to them comes and tells AJ that he did not find her parents. The doctor takes the child to the infant room. Guddan who gains conscious hears the cry of the child and picks her up. AJ and others are unable to tell Guddan that her child was born dead. Guddan tells everyone that it is her baby and she recognized it with her sound. Guddan, AJ and others get the baby home. Ganga and Alekh get angry seeing that Guddan has found her child.

Ganga join hands with Saraswati


Ganga and Alekh once again plan to separate Guddan and AJ from their child. Guddan, AJ and others organise a naming ceremony for their child wherein Ganga executes her master plan along with Saraswati. The two plan to give shock but instead get a massive shock themselves.

Ganga sets yet another plan to take Guddan’s child away


Ganga yells at the doctor for allowing Guddan and AJ to take away the child. She then creates fake parents and tells them to come to Jindal Bhavan and reveal that it is their child. They come and tell Guddan that it is their baby and they want to take her back. Guddan who is not convinced has to give away the child. Later, Ganga gets the baby and plans to take her to Indore away from Guddan.

Cops arrest Alekh; Guddan disowns Ganga


Guddan and AJ try to find their child, but they see a young girl on the road who is crying. They get to know that the child is of the doctor. The doctor then reveals the truth in front of Guddan and AJ that Ganga and Alekh kidnapped their child. Alekh takes the blame on himself and cops arrest him. Guddan and AJ disown Ganga.

Ganga becomes more vengeful


Ganga becomes even more vengeful and decides to end everything. She kidnaps Guddan’s daughter. What will happen next? Will Guddan be able to rescue her daughter? Stay tuned for more updates on Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega.

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Guddan gets labour pains


Soon, Guddan starts getting labour pains and AJ gets worried for her. He rushes to her and Guddan tries to tell him something.

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