Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega-Ghar Se 22 June 2020 Update: AJ-Guddan Go On A Virtual Date

Did you miss Guddan and AJ during the lockdown? Watch the two go on a virtual date and recollect their past moments.

Janhvi Sharma

June 22, 2020


3 min


The episode of Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega – Ghar Se starts with Guddan seeing a dream wherein she goes to catch a puppy but creates problems in other’s life. She gets happy knowing that her dream might come true and she will be able to meet her AJ. Guddan who cannot hold back her excitement, video calls AJ. Guddan sees AJ repairing the shower and tells him to talk to her.

Guddan then starts narrating her dream and wishes everything to become normal. AJ tells Guddan that she is sleeping too much during the quarantine and both have a difference of opinion. AJ teaches Guddan to make a cake and the former appreciates her. Guddan gets emotional as she remembers the first time they met. Both Guddan and AJ miss each other and complain about the household chores that they are doing in this lockdown. Guddan flirts with AJ and praises his look.

The two get into a romantic talk and looks cute together. The duo goes on a virtual date and recollects their past moments. Both Guddan and AJ remember what they like and love in each other. Guddan and AJ get into a romantic dance and enjoy their virtual date to their fullest. AJ tells Guddan to tell her that she loves him but she denies and says that he should ask her why she loves him. AJ agrees and asks her reasons why she loves him. Guddan pens down several reasons why she is madly in love with him. Later, she tells AJ to tell her why he loves her. The two appreciate each other and praise them for the qualities that make them so unique. Later, as Guddan falls asleep, AJ plans to make his wife confess her feelings for him. What will happen next? Will AJ be successful in making Guddan confess her love for him? Stay tuned for more updates on Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega.

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