Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega: 5 Times AJ Broke Guddan’s Trust By Choosing To Believe Antara

Kenneth Carneiro

August 1, 2019


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1. Spending His Engagement Night With Antara

On the popular Hindi TV serial Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega, Guddan and AJ are living apart. AJ  has left the house with Antara to be away from Guddan. Soon Guddan is about to marry another man on Antara’s orders to go out of AJ’s life forever. All this happened just weeks after AJ and Guddan fell in love and got engaged again. Here’s a quick recap of how AJ and Guddan’s relationship broke down and saw AJ go with Antara.

On their engagement night, AJ gets a letter calling him to the terrace. He assumes that Guddan has called him there. Guddan and AJ are both drugged and Guddan has passed out in the bedroom. AJ reaches the terrace and passes out. Antara gets in bed with AJ and intentionally makes sure Guddan finds them together.

2. Believing That Antara Is Pregnant

Guddan is hurt seeing AJ in bed with Antara. However she digs in and finds out Antara’s entire plan. She even makes Antara confess that she lied about her night with AJ. However, when Antara tells everyone that she is pregnant, AJ believes her. When Guddan tries to tell them that Antara is faking it, AJ refuses to listen to Guddan.

3. Protecting Antara From Getting Arrested For Murder

Antara kills her brother who was helping Guddan. When Guddan finds out about this she brings the police home to arrest Antara. However, AJ refuses to believe that Antara will kill her own brother. Instead he accuses Guddan of making up stories to get rid of Antara. AJ also warns Guddan to stop targeting Antara for his own mistakes.

4. AJ Takes Away His Engagement Ring From Guddan

Guddan tries to force Antara into confessing the truth. She threatens to electrocute her with fake wires. However, AJ sees Guddan’s methods as being too extreme. He believes Guddan is intentionally harming Antara and her child. He gets furious with Guddan and takes back his engagement ring. AJ breaks his engagement with Guddan and announces his wedding with her too.

5. AJ Leaves The House With Antara

Guddan takes control of AJ’s property to stop it from going to Antara. However, AJ thinks that Guddan is being greedy. She again attempts to prove that Antara is not pregnant. This time Antara pretends that Guddan threw her down the stairs. Antara pays a doctor to declare that her child is dead. AJ accuses Guddan of murdering the child in Antara’s womb and leaves the house.

Will AJ and Guddan come back together? Stay tuned to your favourite Hindi TV seiral, Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega to find out. Watch the episodes of this and other latest hindi serials also streaming on ZEE5.

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