Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 26 November 2019 Preview: Guddan Asks Alisha To Reveal The Truth

In the next episode, Guddan sees Vikrant behaving violently with Alisha and asks her to reveal the truth about Vikrant.

Kenneth Carneiro

November 26, 2019


1 min


In tonight’s episode of Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega, Guddan sends the media out of the house. AJ and Guddan then scold Alisha for her behaviour. AJ and Guddan say they will not get upset anymore but they will always try to save her. Alisha then decides to serve burnt food to everyone as her first meal.

Vikrant tries to mix poison in the food. However, Alisha mixes up the bowls so no one falls ill. Vikrant is surprised when the poison doesn’t work. Alisha reveals she had mixed up the dishes. Vikrant reveals to Alisha that he is the one who planned everything to ruin Alisha’s life and get revenge on AJ. Guddan overhears Vikrant.

Watch the latest episode here.

In the next episode, Guddan realises that something is wrong between Alisha and Vikrant. She asks Alisha to tell her what is wrong. Alisha’s eyes are swollen from crying and looks scared at Guddan. Will she reveal Vikrant’s true side to Guddan? Stay tuned to find out.

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