Guddan Tumse Na Ho Paega Spoiler 18 October: Will Guddan lose her restaurant?

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Vaishnavi Navalkar

October 16, 2020



2 min


In the previous episode of Guddan Tumse Na Ho Paega, we saw how Choti Guddan managed to impress everyone with her cooking skills. She also managed to save herself from the wrath of Pushpa and Saru. Choti Guddan gets emotional while talking to Agastya and Rashi gets disappointed by him too. Nia scares Rashi and dominates her by blackmailing her that she will send her to a boarding school if Rashi does not listen to her. Choti Guddan gets Rashi pancakes but Nia sends her back saying Rashi has already eaten.

Watch the spoiler below:

In the next episode, we will se how Agastya and Choti Guddan bump into each other. They get into an argument as Choti tells Agastya to go and take care of his daughter Rashi. Agastya tells her to do the job that she has been hired for. They leave from there and Choti meets Pushpa. Pushpa warns Choti and tells her that if she does not do her job perfectly, she will suffer her wrath. Pushpa also tells her that if she creates a mess during Agastya’s wedding, she should forget her dream of getting her restaurant back.

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