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Great camaraderie and professionalism made the success of Simha and Legend possible, and Boyapati and Balakrishna are back with Akhanda

Anil Kumar

November 28, 2021

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Boyapati and Balakrishna have come a long way and with Akhanda, an unusual story was shared by Boyapati on the pre-release event. Allu Arjun and SS Rajamouli were the special guests form the event.

The combination of a proper star cast is one of the director’s biggest ordeal. Once this step is fulfilled, the rest of the film and technicians always fall into the proper place, and films get a good response. The combination of Boyapati Srinu and Balakrishna is unmatched, and post the releases Simha and Legend, the two are back to create history on the screen with ‘Akhanda’. Produced by Miriyala Ravinder Reddy, the film’s pre-release event was attended by the dynamic Allu Arjun and  SS Rajamouli.
Boyapati was all smiles and displayed his gratitude towards the film’s entire unit for the successful wrap-up of ‘Akhanda’, which is gearing for its release on 2nd December 2021.
In a special mention, Boyapati talked about a special incident between him and Balakrishna, during the filming of a dance sequence, wherein Balakrishna had met with a shoulder injury, and how despite this, the latter refused to call off the shoot and went ahead for the same.
The particular song ‘Jai Balayya’ rehearsals had got over, and Balakrishna had gone home to rest and get a bit of stretching done to relax the muscles, and during this process, the actor’s shoulder got dislocated. The worrisome point was would Balakrishna report to the set the next day due to the dislocation? The set was made at a cost of a whopping 1.5 cr, and all the dancers had reported for the final take, and that was when Balakrishna called up himself in the morning and confirmed that he would was ready for the shoot. This came as a big surprise for Boyapati who thought that Balakrishna wouldn’t come and insisted that he would call off the day’s shoot, but Balakrishna’s reply was this, ‘Let us shoot. We should do this for fans and we should give the mass treat to fans. They are everything for me. If I can’t do this, there is no point.’ And the rest was history.
This attitude of an actor who was the force behind Boyapati becoming a director, initially, giving a boost to his career, is unmatched. Such camaraderie and professionalism is what make films a huge success.
Boyapati expressed his wish that the audience would enjoy ‘Akhanda’ and give the necessary boost towards the hard work of the entire unit. He said, that not him, but Akhanda should win big at the box office.

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