Google To Bring Microsoft Office And Other Windows Apps To Chromebooks

Partnering with the software company Parallels, Google is bringing Microsoft Office apps and other legacy enterprise Windows apps to Chromebooks.

Jessica David

June 18, 2020


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Google is partnering with the software company Parallels to bring the Microsoft Office applications and other legacy enterprise Windows applications to Chromebooks. According to Mashable, today, Parallels has announced that it will be bringing “full-featured Windows applications” to Chrome Operating System (OS) in partnership with Google. However, the ability to run Windows applications on that OS will be specific to Enterprise users. Google quietly hid the announcement in the way of a one-liner in a blog post about remote work, adding that it will share more information in the coming months.

“We have long been saying that almost any business role can be a cloud worker and COVID-19 has dramatically made this point,” said Google’s John Solomon, Vice President of Chrome OS. “As a result, the Chrome OS team is working on new ways to make sure every company can benefit from the velocity created by supporting a cloud workforce. For example, our new partnership with Parallels brings legacy application support, which includes Microsoft Office desktop apps to Chromebooks,” he added.

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