Google Task Mate App Being Tested in India, Will Let Users Earn Money Amidst Covid-19 Pandemic

Google’s new app Google Task Mate is currently being tested in India & will help you make some extra money!

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November 26, 2020

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The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown that followed along with it have caused quite a havoc in many people’s financial conditions. People can now earn money by completing simple tasks assigned to them without having to go to work. The cherry on top of this is the fact that the ever-popular Technology-based MNC, Google, is the one offering people this opportunity.

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Google is currently testing its app, Google Task Mate, in India. The app will be providing an opportunity for the people of this country to earn some extra money in exchange of successfully finishing the tasks assigned to them on the app. Google Task Mate services will function online, which will mean that a user will not be required to go to work to make the money. Also, the user will not be required to provide any educational proof.

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The users will be able to accomplish these said tasks only with the use of their smartphones. At the successful completion of each task, they will be rewarded with respective points, which they can access as part of their earnings. During the ongoing worldwide pandemic caused due to Covid-19, the level of unemployment has continued to stack higher numbers every day around the globe. However, this new app by Google will be a relieving chance to earn a few extra coins. The rewards received in return of completing the tasks can be transferred to one’s e-wallet or their bank accounts for their expenses.

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The tasks that will be assigned to users on the app, will be divided into 2 different categories. The first will be the ‘sitting’ category, where users will be either required to translate sentences into local languages or record themselves reading out a sentence. In the other category, which will be that of ‘field,’ users will be required to take frontside pictures of stores or provide mapping related information about the same. The app will also feature various ‘levels’ and the users can access it from any place and at any given time. The app is currently usable only via invites, even though it is available on the Google Play Store.

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