Google Steps Up Its Eco-Friendly Game By Using Recycled Material For All-New Hardware

Google has announced that it used recyclable material for all its latest hardware including their newly-launched line up of Pixel 5. The company aims at using more recyclable material for its devices.

Amir Khollam

October 28, 2020

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If there is one tech giant company which poses direct competition to Apple, then it is definitely Google. The company has been making attempts year after year to provide the best hardware to its consumers who are currently leaning towards the eco-friendly aspect of technological devices in order to decrease their individual carbon footprint. While technology is exciting, it also comes along with a certain amount of ecological weight on nature which has now been addressed by both Apple and Google with their latest devices. While Apple took a controversial step to remove earphones and a charging brick from their next line up of iPhone 12s, Google recently announced that all their products in the recently-announced lineup of hardware, including the flagship Pixel devices are made using recyclable material. Check out the video below:

Google recently released an official blog post where they revealed that their next goal will be to build sustainable hardware in order to decrease the carbon footprint. The company mentioned that it had committed to making all their hardware with recyclable material till 2022. However, it hit that goal way earlier. The back cover of the latest Pixel 5 has been built with 100% recycled aluminium. The company claims that by using recyclable aluminium for the back cover, the carbon footprint of the device has been reduced by 35 per cent.

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Google also revealed that it plans to use more sustainable materials across all their hardware line up and also find ways which reduce the landfill. It now aims at getting a third-party UL 2799 Zero Waste to Landfill Certification for all of its manufacturing and assembly sites by 2022. This translates to the majority of their waste produced during the production will be recycled and used again.

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The company does not want to stop there and wishes to ship products directly to consumers to make the process carbon neutral, meaning not having any effect on the carbon footprint. Whereas, it also aims at making the packaging of their devices to be 100 per cent recyclable.

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