Google Signs Agreement To Pay News Organizations In France

Google recently signed an agreement with France which indicated that the tech giant will have to pay for the news content that they publish on their platform. Here are the details.

Sania Kader

January 24, 2021

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The European Union recently restructured its copyright rules and its ripple effect is seen in various parts of the world. The tech giant Google recently signed an agreement with France which forces them to pay a certain amount to news organizations in order to pick up their content from them. This move has been brought into effect due to losses faced by news organizations while the tech giants make money out of news content. The two parties have been bargaining over the amount since other countries like Australia have also been trying to push such an agreement to make sure that news publishers earn their deserved price. Other tech giants like Facebook have also been under the radar as they have been making immense money out of news content.

Here is a look at the ZEE5 video with details related to the agreement between France and Google:

According to the latest deal signed by Google and the French news media, APIG, the tech giant has agreed to compensate news publishers for publishing their news content. The two parties have been discussing the matter for months now, and have finally reached a specific amount after a repeated bargain. Other European countries are also expected to take up the step as the new copyright laws affect every country in the continent.

According to the video attached above, the major step was taken by the European Union because tech giants like Google have been making money through the content which is originally published by news organizations. This has led to a revenue drop amidst the news organization while the platforms Google and Facebook make immense profits which are not shared with the publications. According to a study, Google made $4.7 billion from the news industry in 2018, none of which was shared with the original content creators.

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Other countries like Australia have also been realizing the importance of the fair distribution of income between content creators and tech giants. In December 2020, the country tabled its own law which would force these tech giants to pay for the news content. However, Google has been trying to scrap these laws as they believe that such a move would fundamentally ruin Google search. The Australian government also received a call from US ex-President Donald Trump’s office, asking them to scrap the laws but the Australian government has decided to stand its ground.

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