Google Messages Starts Rolling Out ‘Category Feature’ In Its App; Know How You Can Filter Your Messages

Google has kick-started the launch of a new feature for Google Messages, which lets the users sort their texts into different categories. Watch video for more details:

Vageesha Taluja

November 5, 2020

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Google has launched a new feature for Google Messages, which lets the users sort their texts into different categories. Earlier, it was working on the same for a long time. Now, people will find options like personal, transactions, OTP (One Time Passwords), offers, and other categories to make it more systematic and avoid chaos. Additionally, users can enable and disable this feature according to their requirement. They can do it through toggle switch, which will be visible in the settings of the Google Messages application. Here are further details about the latest feature of Google Messages app that you must check out right away. 

Watch the video below:

Recently, Google Messages had been working on a new feature to allow texts to declutter from the users’ inboxes. Moreover, it has started to roll out for SMS on the app. People understand that their application has updated after they can view a display bar on the top of the messages folder. It shows all the available categories through which they can segregate their texts as per their comfort and requirement.

Additionally, users can change their category of texts after the assigning process. People can not only customise the settings according to their needs but also update the same with Google, which helps the Messages app to improve its categories.

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Though Google Messages has rolled out their latest feature for the convenience of its users, many have been facing issues related to the same. According to a report by Gadgets 360, a Twitter used shared their problem that changing the category could not change the message list as well. But, talking about the same, this feature has started appearing for other people. So, Google will probably aim for a good reach in the upcoming period.

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It is hopeful that it will help the users to avoid clutter in their app. Moreover, they will find relevant messages to save and remove those which are useless to them. So, they can easily find particular texts from different categories as per their need during that time. To check out about the same, people can update their Google Messages application on their devices for the update.

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